Tricycle and AutoRickshaw Advertising

Tricycle and AutoRickshaw Advertising services

There are more than 25 Lakh licensed buses,cars,taxis,office cabs operational in the major Indian cities. 60% of the total are in 4 metro cities alone.OOH Advertising on these movable transit taxis works in result producing ways for product/service advertising. Either as stationary advertising platform OR moving campaign,inside and exterior of taxi advertising can take brands with additionally visibility anywhere. City Cabs/Taxis ads are used and seen by city high travelers, shoppers with money to spend and tourists and visitors looking for new experiences and adventures. By adopting advertising on a licensed taxi, advertisement can change the buying habits of a possible and invaluable customers.

Tricycle and AutoRickshaw Advertising,Mobile Out Of Home billboards and signages

Tricycle and AutoRickshaw Advertising services India


Taxi/Cabs Available For Advertisement

  1. Meru Cabs – Fleet of 10K Cabs
  2. Ola Cabs – Fleet of 4K Cars
  3. Taxi4Sure – Rapid booking of 2000 cab advertisement
  4. City Taxi – 24000 taxi fleet available in Indian Metro cities


Choose the city and number of Taxi/Cabs required for advertising, and we’ll get back to you with best outdoor advertising plan.Call us@9665911646.

Benefits of Taxi and Cab Advertising

  1. High visibility meduim for on road advertising.
  2. 97% of Taxi/Cab customers square measure from the stromger economical section of society that has high disbursal power.
  3. Taxi vendors operate 24×7, one year covering length and breath of major metros.
  4. On an average a Taxi covers covers minimum of 250 kilometers daily plying for a minimum of fifteen hours daily on major town roads.

Our services in Indian Metro Cities

1. Taxi and Autorickshaw advertising in Bangalore

2. Autorickshaw and cab advertising in Mumbai

3.Autorickshaw and Taxi advertising in Delhi

 For booking Taxi  and Cab advertising in any Indian city, contact us at or Call +91 9620541463

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