Petrol Pump Advertising

Petrol Pump Advertising

Petrol and Diesel is said to be the lifeline of economy and so does Petrol Pumps/Bunks.Mostly situated as conveniently locations,have space for big hoarding and billboards.Again,waiting time on petrol pumps catches advertisers eye and why not to utilize the space.Having tie-ups with more than 6000 petrol pumps across India in major cities,we offer excellent opportunity to advertise your product/service on petrol bunks and boost your sales.

Petrol Pump Advertising in India,Product marketing on Petrol bunks

Petrol Pump Advertising and product marketing








Benefits of Petrol pump advertising:

Petrol Pump Advertising has the following advantages:

  • Cost effective way of advertising
  • Innovative media spaces available on petrol pumps
  • Enhanced exposure to media spaces due to waiting lines
  • Targeted audience of 2 and 4 wheeler owners.
  • Complete petrol pump can be re-branded as per client requirements


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