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Kiosk Advertising

Kiosk advertising influences your customers when they are on the move and most likely out to buy. TheMediaBazaar kiosks presence of outdoor advertising across various cities in India continuously reach the end consumers where they work,live and shop to deliver your advertising/marketing message as they travel throughout the daily life. With repeated familiarity and continuous exposure and retention, TMB Advertising helps consumers to make a choice at the point of decision.

Benefits of OOH Hoardings

  1. On an average A person being spends a 3rd of his life outdoors.
  2. Total Reach: OOH Advertising impacts large sections of population providing mass coverage and outstanding reach.
  3. Directional: Billboards and Signage may be used as directional,area, citing the locations of your business.
  4. Sustained awareness: outside generates recurrent exposure, delivering your message over and another time.
 Kiosk Advertising,Kiosk advertising company in Mumbai,Delhi,Pune,Bangalore,Ludhiana,Gurgaon,Noida kiosk advertising company

Kiosk Advertising








Outdoor Kiosk services by TheMediaBazaar are present in below Indian cities:

1.Kiosk advertising company in Pune.
2.Kiosk advertising services agency in Mumbai.
3.Kiosk advertising and marketing company in Surat
4.Kiosk advertising services agency in Jaipur
5.Kiosk display advertising company in Noida
6.Kiosk advertising display services in Gurgaon
7.Kiosk advertising services in Chandigarh
8.Kiosk advertising agency and OOH advertising company in Hyderabad


Contact us at  OR  Call +91 9620541463 for booking a kisok ad anywhere in India.


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