CSR Activity

CSR Activity

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) is a management idea where companies try to fulfill and integrate their social and environmental issues in their business operations and transactions with their stakeholders. CSR is an activity generally understood as being the way to achieves a balance of social,economical and environmental responsibilities

Benefits of CSR Activities

  1. Goodwill among stake holders
  2. Employees remain attached more with companies doing CSR activities.
  3. Good PR exercise help in Brand value boost up
  4. Sustained awareness:Continue different types of activities round the clock

Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR Activity marketing and advertising

Indirect Company promotion using Corporate Social Responsibility








Many people see ‘CSR Activites’ as PR exercise,which may not be true all the time,but yes definitely taking CSR seriously creates goodwill about the company a very little/no expense a all, which can’t be gained by putting lot’s of money in OOH advertising activities .


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