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Ads on Bus,Bus Advertising,Digital ads on Bus in India

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Bus Advertising

The mobile and digital advertising industry segment in India has been growing exponentially over the past years. The growing media consumption and visible content has increased manitimes  in the Indian market. However, when compared to other formats of Out Of Home advertising in India, the quantity and amount of exposure that the Bus advertising get, is good enough to give a smile. This has a positive effect on the over all OOH advertising in India.


Bus advertising has the following advantages:

  • It cannot be ignored or turned off like TV channels.
  • The easily draw attention as it’s large enough and colorful .
  • It is a great medium to enhance brand building and awareness
  • It reaches to large and different kind of audience


TheMediaBazaar enjoys partnership (direct and indirect) with various state transportation boards , and have exclusive rights of advertisement on large fleet of state run buses , which have visibility in cities and deeper penetration to village level as well. So, bus advertisement on rural routes provides best value to companies, for whom target audience include rural population as well.

Bus advertising on KSRTC Buses in Karnataka
Bus advertisement on RSRTC buses in Rajasthan
Bus advertising services on DTC buses in New Delhi
Bus advertising company for Haryana roadways buses
Bus advertising agency for SETC in Tamil nadu
Bus advertising services on MPRDC buses in Madhya Pradesh

For booking contact business@themediabazaar.in  OR  Call +91 9620541463


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