ATM/Bank Advertising


Banks with a large banking networks of automated teller machines (ATM)’s will now be able to generate additional money by advertising financial products offered by other financial institutions. Since, the wait time at ATM machines can be used by banks to promote their own services and brands like Loans,accounts etc. Also, banks can customize advertising messages based on customer details easily available in their bank and CRM databases. Customer wait-time outside ATMs while transactions get done, has been used profitably used by many banks for their own advertising.ATM Advertising India

ATM Advertising

ATM Advertising








Indian Banks are likely to make moneyout of the time you spend in ATM kiosks in front of their ATMs. Rules have been laid down for the  use the ATM screens for advertising and marketing of financial products.ATM/Bank Advertising India.

The Indian Finance Ministry has issued a circular allowing them to advertise either their own financial products and services or those of Investment,DMAT accounts broking firms, mutual funds, ELSS insurance companies and pension funds on the ATM screen or outside the ATM kiosk.

Following the notification from GOI, banks can squeeze in an advertisement during the seconds (after keying in the amount to be withdrawn, the machine takes a few seconds — 10-15 — to process the request) you wait before the ATM to withdraw cash to demonstrate the ad.


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