Taxi/Cab Advertising

Taxi Advertising services

There are more than 20 Lakh licensed buses,cars,taxis,office cabs operational in the major Indian cities. 60% of the total are in 4 metro cities alone.Outdoor Advertising on these movable taxis works in result producing ways for product/service advertising. Either as stationary advertising platform OR moving campaign,inside and exterior of taxi advertising can take brands with additionally visibility anywhere. City Cabs/Taxis are used and seen by city high travellers, shoppers with money to spend and tourists and visitors looking for new experiences and adventures. By adopting advertising on a licensed taxi, advertisement can change the buying habits of a possible and invaluable customers.

Taxi/Cabs Available For Advertisement

  1. Meru Cabs – Fleet of 10K Cabs
  2. Ola Cabs – Fleet of 4K Cars
  3. Taxi4Sure – Rapid booking of 2000 cab advertisement
  4. City Taxi – 24000 taxi fleet available in Indian Metro cities


  1. Benefits of Taxi and Cab Advertising
  2. High visibility meduim for on road advertising.
  3. 97% of Taxi/Cab customers square measure from the stronger economical section of society that has high disbursal power.
  4. Taxi vendors operate 24×7, one year covering length and breath of major metros.
  5. On an average a Taxi covers covers minimum of 250 kilometers daily plying for a minimum of fifteen hours daily on major town roads.
  6. Taxi|Cab Advertising




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