Ahmedabad Car Advertising


Ahmedabad Car Advertising With the growing competition, the need to ensure increased brand visibility , various brands have been constantly hunting for latest modes for advertising. Cab Branding is the latest and increasingly most effective catchy medium which many growing brands are choosing for their business promotion activities in cities like Ahmedabad. TheMediaBazaar is one of India’s fastest growing Read More

Vehicle Branding in Lucknow


Utilize the latest trend for business promotion – Car Advertising in Lucknow !! With the need to ensure brand visibility , various companies have been in constant hunting mode for options. Cab Branding is one of most effective and catchy ad medium which growing number of brands are opting for their promotions in cities like Lucknow. TheMediaBazaar being Read More

Hyderabad Car Advertising


Hyderabad Car Advertising Uber way to promote your brand in Hyderabad! In literal terms ‘UBER’ means something extra-ordinary or supreme. But for Hyderabad people Uber is synonym to ‘Uber cab services‘. Uber is the most popular cab service used by people of Hyderabad for daily travel needs. Uber is operating in this city for long now and Read More

Jaipur Cab Branding


Jaipur Car Advertisement With growth of a city comes growing businesses and demand for various kinds of advertisement arises. In recent past the usage and culture of using private use of Ola and UBER cabs has increased a lot in Jaipur as well. This has resulted in Cabs been seen as potential option to showcase ones products/services. TheMediaBazaar is India’s leading Read More

Cab branding in Noida


Noida Roads get colorful with Car Branding! Traffic lights, footpaths, and high-rise buildings are all you can see alongside the roads in Noida. But with car branding, Noida roads become colorful and attractive. Taxis or cabs painted with vibrant colours and eye catchy visuals gives otherwise monotonous roads a new vibe. The onlookers as well as the cab riders Read More

Chennai Cab Advertising


Chennai Cab Advertising Chennai being the one of Metro cities of India is major hub of business activities in South India. Growing rapidly in past many decades Chennai has provided growth opportunities to many business houses. With growing number of businesses, comes the competition and which results in fight to capture market compared to ones competitors. Outdoor advertisement Read More

Mumbai Cab Advertising


Do away with expensive advertising sites in Mumbai, try car advertising instead! Mumbai, as we all know, is an expensive city in every way. Be it real estate, parking areas or advertising sites, the city is costlier than other metro cities owing to the distinct demographics of the city. Apart from native people, the city is a Read More

Kolkata Cab Branding


Kolkata Cab Advertising Outdoor advertising or out-of-home (OOH) advertising was limited to giant hoardings at high traffic areas or areas with high footfall but with the advent of transit advertising, outdoor promotions has change manifolds. Any advertising done on vehicles is known as transit advertising. Be it car, auto-rickshaw, train or buses, any advertisement placed on Read More

Pune Car Advertising Services


Vehicle branding in Pune Turn the sales meter on with Ola branding in Pune! It is a common perception that only a high-end brand can afford to do the outdoor promotions in a metro city like Pune in full swing as outdoor advertising is costly. Renting hoardings, banner, posters and billboard sites at busy areas of Pune require lot of money. Moreover, the Read More

Bengaluru Car Branding


Outdoor advertising gets a new twist with cab advertising in Bangalore!   The roads are so overcrowded with hoardings, billboard, posters and banners that until they are larger than life or highly compelling, audience rarely pay attention to them. In times of technology when the target audience spends most of their time on mobile phones while Read More

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